PicShare Box

Using an online photo sharing service to collect digital photos from your wedding? Let your guests know with reminder cards and use our cute camera-shaped PicShare Boxes to display the reminder cards on every table at the reception.

PicShare Boxes - photo sharing card box


Don't waste your money on disposable cameras for your wedding reception tables. Your guests already have cameras with them — you just need them to share their pictures with you!

Get 100s of photos like these!

Collect hundreds more event photos in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for an online photo sharing service.
  2. Use your computer or a printing service to create reminder cards for your guests, letting them know how to share their photos of the event.
  3. Display the cards on every table at the reception in our camera-shaped PicShare Boxes.

With these reminder cards, your guests will be sure to have all the info they need to share their photos with you. Our PicShare Boxes make it fun and easy to display them on the tables!


Our PicShare Box digital files include a printable box template that you print, cut out, and fold to form the boxes. You'll also get a link to an exclusive video showing complete assembly and a PDF with full written assembly instructions. We even throw in an editable MS Word file to help you create your reminder cards, which you can print yourself on blank business cards.

PicShare Boxes - photo sharing card box